Using "Common" UI View

Hi! I created a custom view by making one first in Common. When I wanted to translate that view to new views, the only way I could take the Common information to the new view was to 'Clone" it. I cloned multiple views and added more custom UI to them. When I preview the views, they all look like the simplest common view and don’t have the features I added to each view. Any advice? Thanks!

Hi Matt,

The purpose of the common-view is to act as a shared backdrop for all other views. It sounds like you have been cloning the common view (which should not be possible - so a bug on our side). If there are multiple replicas of the common-view only the first one will ever get displayed which explains what you are seeing.



Hi! Thanks Johan:)
I think I have it figured out now. Since I started in common it made a good clone for my other pages. Now that the other views exist I went ahead and removed all code from Common, now all the other pages work fine.
As a test - I created a brand new Interface and some test pages. I was sure not to clone anything, Common was blank. The pages previewed fine. As soon as I placed an icon in common however and checked the other views, the Common view became the only thing I could preview on all screens. It is as though Common was appearing on top of all pages instead of behind it like you explain above. I may be doing something wrong so apologies if I am but wanted to let you know the steps I am going through and what I’m seeing :slight_smile:
On my side now - all UI working in preview, clearing Common of code fixed all my issues.

Thanks for the update Matt. I will have someone investigate this matter but I’m glad to hear you’re making progress.