Title name of dialogue window

Hi! I’m building a dialogue window from a main view. The view is called “Task” but when you open the dialogue in the preview screen the name changes to “View”. I have used this function while testing out some ideas and it worked as expected (both values matched) so not sure if I did something wrong. I need to change the title shown to match the view title (or have it not shown at all actually would be better). Any advice would be appreciated!

Hi Matt,

Your steps are correct. The title should update to match the view/dialog name. We shall fix this on our end soon.

You can choose not to show the title at all by simply unchecking the “Show Title” option from the dialog widget editor. Here’s a screenshot:


Futhermore, you can customize the dialog styling and add a custom title by creating a top panel bar in the dailog. The end result can be as follows:


Thanks and hop this helps :slight_smile:

That is a great help, thank you! :slight_smile:

Ok. I just removed the top border and simplified, thanks again!

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