Modify data grid columns

Hi! I have a data grid that I’m having trouble modifying. I’m trying to set specific column widths but when I change the attribute the entire column disappears from the view. I tried this feature using Appivo templates that generate data grids and found the issues exists there too. As soon as I modify the column width with any value from 1 to 500 or higher, when you then return to the data grid, that entire column disappears. If you do all for all columns, then the grid comes back empty. Any advice? Many thanks!

Hey Matt,

The width value requires a unit with a value. For eg: 100px, 20%, 10em. Without the unit the column ends up in disappeared stated. We shall fix a default unit as an improvement on our end.

But try entering a unit with the value as follows:

This should fix your issue.

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Ah! So simple, thank you!! Fixed.

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