IoT Project - Occupancy Monitor

Project Goal
The goal of this project is to implement a system that keeps track of how many people are inside of a room at any given time by placing sensors in the doorway to and from that room.

In order to accurately determine if something is within the doorway, the Laser Ranging Sensor - VL53L0X should be used to continually measure the free space in the doorway. In order to be able to determine the direction of movement when someone moves through the doorway, 2 sensors should be used, one on either side. The sensors should be frequently polled to determine if something is within the doorway and the order in which the sensors are triggered should be noted so that the direction of movement can be inferred.

Bonus Round!
Extend the system by occasionally storing values to enable creating charts/diagrams showing how the room occupancy changes over time.

Make the system send out an alert to the manager when the room is about to be overcrowded.

Add an LCD display that shows the state of the system (people in the room, saying hello/goodbye to people, etc.).

Any other ingenious ideas!