Images in DataGrid

Is it possible to include images in a dataGrid? I’m using the datagrid as a “RecyclerView” menu, and I’d like to be able to add images to each row. Is there a way to customize the widget per column, or is necessary to put in a custom widget entirely?

Hi Bart,

Yes, the datagrid can display images but it’s primary purpose is to display dynamic data - it sounds like you are thinking of using it as a static menu - but maybe I am misinterpreting. If you are thinking about building a static menu it’ll be easier to you just create it using image-widgets (or icon-widgets) and label-widgets (or possibly an HTML-widget).

If you are asking about showing dynamic data here you could create a document-model and add whatever other attributes you need to it and then tie that model (or a query selecting from it) to a datagrid. Then edit its columns - the id column will then have the thumbnail-viewer enabled (check the columns advanced settings by editing it).




Yes, I’m looking for a dynamic datagrid, so I’ll give building a document model a shot. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you!