How to pass information from one view to another using javascript?

In Android Studio (using java) for app development, I would pass String values or arrayList values from one view to another using intents. For example, I would write:

Intent myIntent = new Intent(Activity1.this, Activity2.class);
String thisString = “PassOnThisString”;
myIntent.putExtra(“ExtraCode”, thisString);
startActivity(myIntent); //(or startActivityforResult(myIntent, 1000)

On the second view, I would write:

Intent intent = getIntent();
String importantString = intent.getExtra(“ExtraCode”);

and in doing so I would be able to pass data from one view to another. How can I do this using javascript in Appivo?
One of my goals is to be select several rows from a “MenuItem” DataGrid and upon selection, add those items to a “CustomorCart” data model in the form of relationships. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Bart,

There are a number of ways to achieve this:

  1. When switching views you can pass some custom data. If you all you need to pass is a set of simple key/value-pairs this is the easiest. You would do:

context.setView(<view-name>, [record or record-id], [query-data]);

Here record (or record-id) is the record you want to pass to the new view (which will be used to populate its primary form - this is a method that can be used too - if you are building up a structure that originates from a common model - e.g. to populate some data in one view and then pass it on to another and add on to it). The query-data however is a plain JSON-object with key/value pairs that you can pass and use for whatever purposes you may have (note that the values must be primitives).

  1. You can persist data. You mention this is for a shopping cart. You can store the shopping-cart contents using context.setData(<key>, <value>, [scope]). Key and value I guess need no explanation but scope can either be left out (which means the scope is just the current view) or one of:
  • global - data is available throughout the app but will not be persisted (i.e. lost if the app is restarted).
  • persistent - data is persisted and will survive app-restarts.

To retrieve data you use context.getData(<key>).

Hope this helps!



Great! Thank you, Johan! I’ll give that a shot.