Can't maximize Tab Panel widget in view

Hi, I’m using a Tab Panel widget as way to navigate through attributes in a view, it works great. But, its not maximized in the split pane view so it doesn’t look balanced (centered) and has a gap on the RHS. When I try to maximize it, it grows into other split panes and disappears off the screen which I cant recover from (I cloned the page to experiment). It looks like the Tab Panel is not located correctly on the split pane when you look in the widget tree. How do I move it into he right place in the widget tree? Any advice? Pic attached.

Hi Matt,

Not sure what happened here - I tried to look at your app and it seems as you fixed this yourself already. Maximizing a Tab-panel should work of course and I can see it working. The background color of the navbar will not fill out all the way to the right however and that’s something that should at least be an option (see my screenshot):